Viruses Redirect Google Searches to Annoying Ads

Viruses Redirect Google Searches to Annoying Ads

google-redirect-virusOne of this year’s big adware scams has been redirecting search engine results to advertising sites.

For example, you do a Google search for “cell phones.” The first search result provides a link for a major cell phone company.

Only when you click on the link, you get an advertising site instead, trying to sell you something. After all, buying some Viagra was what you really had in mind when you searched for info on a cell phone, isn’t it?

There are actually two different possible bugs at work here. One infects people’s computers (like possibly yours), and the other actually infects the web sites themselves.

So how do you know which one you’re dealing with? Just keep searching. If the problem seems to be widespread (many or most of the web results take you to the wrong place), then the problem is in your computer.

On the other hand, if the problem only shows up for that particular web site, then you know it’s their problem and not yours.

So what might you do if you’re the one with the problem? You can always try using MalwareBytes AntiMalware from, or Combofix, available at:

As always, if you’re heavily infected with other stuff as well, the best approach may be a complete backup/ reformat/ reinstall/ restore.

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