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Quality Computer Repair & Technical Support for the Springfield, MO Area.

We believe: it should work, and work right — whether “it” means:

  • virus removal and repair of virus damage
  • computer hardware or software repair
  • a computer system that you buy
  • your wireless network setup
  • software for your business or personal use
  • a web site for your business
  • or any other product or service that we provide.

Our goal is to provide you the best customer satisfaction available — at a reasonable price.

How and Why We Beat the Big Guys

Our goal is to make you a happy customer.

Our goal is to make you a happy customer.

Because of our focus on giving you great results at a fair price, we’ve found that:

  • Our prices are usually lower than what the “big guys” charge for comparable tech support. In fact, our solution has frequently been around half of what some charge.
  • Our solutions are often just plain better. (For more details on very specific ways that we outperform larger competitors, see our pages on individual areas of service.)

The big guys have the luxury of charging you more and doing less for it. Why? Who do most people hire to install their internet service? The big company they got it from. Who do most people take their computer to for repair? The big store they bought it at.

For this reason, the big companies have a captive audience. It’s a gravy train. As a small, family-run business, we don’t have that luxury. We have to EARN your business.

Some More Ways that We Earn Your Business

  • Do you have questions? Pick up the phone and give us a call. Depending on the issue, we might actually be able to help you over the phone… for free! (Yes, we actually do that!)
  • John is very willing to come to you and either take care of your issues on-site, if appropriate, or pick up your equipment. He can also bring it back and hook it up for you when done.
  • Some tech support providers charge a “flat rate” for every single issue they address. Sounds good, but these “flat rate” charges can add up. Some will also quote you a cheap rate for repairing your computer — and then add on big charges to set it back up for you. We don’t play those kind of games. We simply charge an hourly rate, and John is able to address multiple issues in one session. So if it doesn’t take a lot of extra time, it doesn’t take a lot of extra cost.
  • We speak English, not technical mumbo-jumbo. Of course, if you actually want to speak “geek,” we’ll happily oblige. Otherwise, John will explain things in a way you can actually understand. He will also answer all of your questions. And if you don’t think of the question until later, then give us a call when you do.
  • We’re quality, value and customer oriented, and we treat you as we’d like to be treated. If we feel it’s time for you to give up on your existing system and buy a new one instead of pour money into your current situation, we’ll tell you so.
  • We have a very high rate of customer satisfaction, and a rating of A+ from the Better Business Bureau.
  • When you do business with us, you’re dealing with a small company instead of a larger company with a bunch of employees. You know who you’re dealing with. And you are supporting a local, family business.

For more about who we are, including our family, see “About Us.” And for additional reasons you might want to pick Springfield Computer Guy, please visit the individual topic page for the particular type of technical support you’re interested in!

Or, for blog posts with general computer advice, click here.