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Why You May Want to Choose Us for Internet & Networking Issues

Many people let their internet service provider set up their internet service. The biggest internet provider in the Springfield area still (as of 2013) sets their customers up with wireless networks that are probably not difficult to crack into.

Why is it a good idea to have a genuinely SECURE wireless network? Well, if you want a jolting demonstration, watch the following video. You’ll see a team park outside a man’s house and watch everything he does on the internet — including finding out exactly when and how long he’s going to be away from home on vacation! (The video is several years old and from Britain, but the same principles still apply right here, today.)

A couple of things they didn’t mention in the video:

* Under some circumstances, it may be possible for people to gain access to information already stored on your computer.

* WPA can be just as easy to crack as WEP — unless it’s set up properly!

Oh — and it doesn’t take a van. All it takes is a teenager with a laptop.

The internet service provider we mentioned above charges a couple hundred dollars to install your new internet service and set up your wireless network. We charge a lot less (typically around half of that) to do the job with better security.