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Why You May Want to Choose Us for Web Sites and Web Hosting

We believe a web site should be more than just a pretty face. It should also support your business and its goals.

It should be reliable.

And, it shouldn’t cost you your firstborn child.

We’ve been doing web sites since the 90’s, and can help you with cost-effective WordPress-based web sites that you can update yourself. Give us a call about your web site needs.

Sophisticated Web Site You Can Edit Yourself

We’ll help you with a beautiful, professional web site you can edit yourself (like this one!)

It’s not just about having a nice-looking web site, though. We can also help with search engine optimization, security, and other issues.

Superior Web Hosting

The #1 reason to have a web site is to support your business goals. But whether your site is a business site or a more personal one —

  • You want your site to be open and available for your visitors.

We provide high-reliability hosting with close to 100% uptime. Our hosting is done in a secure data center with fire protection, battery backup and diesel power ready at hand in case the lights really go out. The center is staffed 24 hours a day with technicians who will keep your site running.

If the hardware simply dies, we have a spare, identical copy ready to step in at a moment’s notice. If a total disaster strikes, we can work with yesterday’s backup to get things back online. And all of this is automatically monitored, to make sure the techs know about it if a problem arises.

  • You don’t want to keep your customers waiting.

We use a fast server that stores your information on a Solid State Drive (SSD). SSDs are newer technology, very similar to your USB flash drive. They are much faster than the traditional hard drive technology that’s been around since the 1950s, and are gradually replacing the older technology.

  • You don’t want to pay huge fees.

Our hosting is competitively priced.

  • You don’t want to waste your time.

Don’t spend valuable time every single day sorting through a zillion spam email messages. Our spam filtering will help you make good use of your personalized email at your own domain.

  • You don’t want the ongoing email problems often associated with standard shared hosting accounts.

If you want to use the more professional-looking email from your own domain, then regular shared hosting from some big provider is not the way to go.

Why? Because your email is sent from the same server as that of a bunch of other shared-hosting customers. And sooner or later, someone else on that server is going to send a bunch of spam. This will get them — AND YOU — blacklisted.

When that happens, email you send to important people is going to simply bounce and never be delivered. And then you’ve got a mess to sort out to get it moving again.

So what’s the solution? Well, you could get an expensive server setup just for your business, with all the expense and administrative headaches that involves.

Or, you could go with some third-party email service, again with setup hassle and ongoing added expense.

Or, you could simply host with us.

With our hosting, you’re only sharing a mail server with people similar to yourself — almost all of them being local small business people here in the Springfield area. They’re people who run real small businesses, whom I’ve dealt with personally. Like you, they just want to send and receive their email. They don’t want to spam a bunch of people and get blacklisted.

And in the unlikely event that any of them ever do, such behavior won’t be tolerated. Because my goal is the same as yours: The mail must go through.

  • Finally, you probably don’t speak Indian English.

When you do need support, you probably don’t want customer service that’s delivered in an accent you can’t comprehend, or in equally unintelligible geek-speak. I will talk to you in plain English about your hosting and support needs.

There are lots of reasons to like Springfield Computer Guy web sites and web hosting. So give us a call, and try us out!

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